22 Nov 2014

Atma Kriya Yoga growing in Central and South America

In the last few months the devotees in Mexico, Argentina, and Brasil have been busy!

In cities all over Mexico people have been connecting to make OM Healing groups, organising new Atma Kriya Yoga courses, Puja workshops, yagnas, and more. Let's check out in a bit more detail what's been happening there, and also in South America:

Yagna, Atma Kriya Yoga course, Puja workshop, and Satsang with Swamini Janani in Guadalajara - 8th of September 

One weekend in Guadalajara, Mexico, many events were combined into one great workshop. Many people gathered together with Swamini Janani and the USA Atma Kriya Yoga coordinator Varahi to do a Yagna, learn Atma Kriya Yoga, and also to learn how to do a Puja to a deity.

Someone in contact with the organizers in Mexico wrote:

I've just been talking to our OM Healing Organiser Sonia about Swamini's visit this weekend. She lives in Mexico, and she travels a lot to give courses...so she is doing OMH in many places. In Guadalajara there have already been three OM Healings with 74, 100 and 82 people!
So, Swamini Janani is in Guadalajara this weekend to offer a Puja course (110 people registered!!), Yagna (160!!) and AKY Course (Varahi is the one in charge of that) with 45 people registered. Is that not great!?
Thought you may like to hear about this!

One organiser of the event, who has been doing much of the work in introducing OM Healing and Swamiji to new people in Mexico, wrote about how the event was for her:

The arrival of Swami Vishwananda’s Love and OM Healing to Mexico was welcomed by hundreds with their open hearts as if they were waiting since times immemorial with open arms to receive His blessings. We got more and more new people who came to us with each OM Healing. The people are filled with hope.

In Guadalajara at our first OM Healing there were 74 participants. They came from everywhere, even from far away places, following their hearts’ call. It’s magical how they arrived and dedicated themselves. People never cease to amaze us. Before our second OM Healing, one day after our announcement, we received 73 emails to reserve the seats.

Mexico calls for Love, and it’s a call from the heart.

In Morella we decided to do our second OM Healing outdoors. Just before starting, we received a lovely heavenly gift that spoke to all the hearts saying, "I AM here with you." A lovely rainbow without rain appeared to bless us.

Later two women arrived that did not know the place. They were lost and told us that they were following a sweet aroma that guided them. They were the last ones to join the circle.

A nice grandmother who saw Swami Vishwananda hugging her during the OM Healing and took her back pain away. She even had to stand because she could not bear her pain. Her willpower to stay in the circle was huge. In the end of the session she was well.

Bells, mantras, drums and prayers in unknown languages, colors and symbols... That’s the way that Mexico lives OM Healing. This nation can feel so much and needs the power of LOVE so much!

Thank you, Swami Vishwananda, for giving us this experience!
Mexico opens its arms to you in an eternal embrace.
With Love, Sonia, Mexico

OM Healing at Ihuatzio

OM Healing at Ihuatzio - an ancient site that was once the capital of the P'urhépecha kingdom

If you live in Mexico and want to stay updated on what groups are forming and what events are happening in the country, check out the Facebook page for OM Healing Mexico here:

Since doing much of this summer's organising activities in Mexico, one devotee went down to Argentina to help in getting OM Healing started there as well.

Here are some pictures from different parts of Argentina that have gotten started with OM Healing. Each picture is from a different city. How quickly OM Healing is taking off in Argentina!

However, Argentina isn't the only country in South America that has been deepening their Atma Kriya Yoga practices. Brazil also has been sharing pictures from all over the country that show many different locations where OM Healing has been organised.

Again, each photo is from a different city in Brazil!

It's so great to see how Atma Kriya Yoga and Sri Swami Vishwananda's message of Love is being spread around the world through people who have connected to them in a joyful and passionate way.

21 Nov 2014

6 Day Babaji Celebration with Sri Swami Vishwananda in Springen, Germany

November 30th marks the day when Mahavatar Babaji committed to staying embodied on the Earth to help humanity awaken into the state of enlightenment. In honor of this day, Sri Swami Vishwananda and Bhakti Marga are planning a special five day celebration at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Springen, Germany.

The celebrations will take place from the 25th to the 30th, of November 2014. Below you can find the schedule for the 6 days:

Tuesday, 25th – Friday, 28th, 2014:

17:00 – 18:00 OM Healing
18:00 – 19:00 Babaji Prayers (Babaji Cave) *
19:00 – 20:00 Guided Meditation with Sri Swami Vishwananda (Babaji Cave) **

* Babaji Prayers will consist of abhishekam puja to Babaji, chanting the 108 names of Babaji, talks from guest speakers about Sri Swami Vishwananda and Babaji, and kirtan (singing & dancing). 

** The guided meditation will take place in the Babaji Cave with Sri Swami Vishwananda. During this time we will practice Atma Kriya Yoga as well as go through special meditation techniques guided by Swamiji. 

Saturday, 29th, 2014:

16:00 – 0:00 Darshan with Sri Swami Vishwananda

Sunday, 30th, 2014:

18:00 – 0:00 Celebrations to mark the day Babaji committed to staying embodied on the Earth.

To register for the event please click on the link below: http://bookings.bhaktievent.de

Sri Swami Vishwananda gives Darshan in Prague, Bratislava, and Warsaw

This last week, Guruji was very busy, traveling to three different countries to do events. We wanted to share some of the photos of his trips here.

Prague, Czech Republic

As was mentioned in a previous blog post, Swamiji got inspired during the Darshan in Prague to give Darshan in a new "dynamic" style.

One of the organizers of the event explains:

Darshan in Prague, Sunday, Nov. 9, was in many ways surprising and extraordinary. The sports hall at Chodov had already experienced Sri Swami Vishwananda's presence, but this time an unusually large number of people came who wanted to see for their own eyes, to experience, and to enjoy his presence in the Czech Republic.

We expected a large turnout (at first, we had 1,000 people registered, then about 1,600), but by the time of the darshan we had about 2,000 people!

Only maybe Guruji knew, that this was not the last surprise of the afternoon…

After the usual start - some bhajans and an introductory speech - people started coming to Him for darshan.

After about an hour Swamiji stopped darshan and said, that from now will come down from the chair and will give darshan in a new way ... by going out among the people! We all stayed for a few seconds, literally with open mouths.

And indeed he did - with people organized in the middle of the hall to create two rows, Swami proceeded from one line to the other, to the end of the hall and back, followed by several assistants, who had served the necessary things to Him

The system then still changed ... He sat back in his chair, and times ordered to create one row of people waiting.

It was really entitled for the organizers, but all the people were happy. They could see Swami very closely - even several times - as He walked through the rows again and again to give the darshan…it seems to be a new dynamic dimension.

Accompanied by great music of many musicians, from different countries, and interspersed with speeches and experiences of devotees, the darshan was very nice.

Thanks to Guruji, that he visited us, and that, through his grace, everything was without big difficulties. Also, thanks from the heart to all those who helped to make this a truly historic moment!

Music practice before the darshan

Learning how to make flower malas :)

Bratislava, Slovakia

After Prague, came the trip to Bratislava. About 1,000 people were in attendance, so, again, there was a lot of people for Swamiji to connect with.

One devotee at the event was sharing how grateful they were for the work of the BM Slovakia team in organizing the event so well:

I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful evening. Also I have to tell that from friends from different countries, and many others we have talked with after the Darshan, how beautifully all the organizers managed that everything was in flow - there were no feeling of stress, no pressure - everything went very kind, lovingly and we all had the feeling of being supported and warmly welcomed in the Slovakian BM family. This is really a message from many people. The event really showed how it can be if we "only" mirror and follow HIS plan and let HIM take care of everything. Thank you!

Warsaw, Poland

Swamiji went next to the Bhakti Marga temple in Warsaw, Poland, which is the proud home of Vara Lakshmi Narasimha.

After devotees performed a Guru puja and Pada abishekam to Swamiji's feet, the deities Vara Lakshmi Narasimha received an abishekam from Guruji. You've never seen happier murtis! ;)


Happy deities and happy devotees!
Afterwards, Guruji gave satsang with the devotees, and then gave darshan to each person there.

Sri Swami Vishwananda gave darshan the next day to about 1000 people in a large hall, giving again the new dynamic darshan.

We'll post soon about how the first dynamic darshan at Shree Peetha Nilaya was.

20 Nov 2014

God surrenders to Love! Take one step towards God, God will take 100 steps towards you!

After five months of longing, Sri Swami Vishwananda graced us all again with a Darshan at Shree Peetha Nilaya, where his new ‘Dynamic Darshan’ was also experienced.

This new style of Darshan happened for the first time in Prague, on the 8th November, when 2000 people came to Sri Swami Vishwananda to receive an individual Darshan. Normally, we would have expected that as the numbers increase the Darshan would maybe change from individual to a collective Darshan, or then the individual Darshan would be just a quick touch and that's it! But, no. Instead of giving a more quick or distant Darshan, it happened actually the opposite; Sri Swami Vishwananda got up and started walking among the people, very close to everybody, meeting the people, where they were, waiting for him.

Sri Swami Vishwananda ‘Dynamic Darshan’ at Shree Peetha Nilaya. He not only walked among the people but bent himself to reach each one, in such a way that to give Darshan to little children he bent his knees, to be at their level.

If we look deeply into this happening, we will see that it reflects very beautiful and touching truths:

- God surrenders Himself to the people who look for Him. God is closer than ever to the people – God literally walks among the people. It is said, "Take one step towards God, God will take 100 steps towards you;

- God is only bound by Love, like Sri Swami Vishwananda explained during the Govinda Festival in Switzerland, also referred as Damodara Karthik, which commemorated the Damodara Leela of Lord Krishna. So, when more and more people are called to come for Darshan, God even becomes closer to people, because what drives these people to come to Him is His own Love inside of them. And this is the eternal connection between all and God – His Love. His Love encompasses everything. Nothing exists apart from His Love.

Easy to talk or write about these truths, but difficult for human beings to perceive it. Sri Swami Vishwananda keeps reminding us of this truth over and over again and he enacts this truth all the time, although most part of times we are not aware of it.

His Darshan helps to open the heart and purify the mind in order to give to each one the opportunity to, not only have a glimpse of that truth but to come to the point of living it fully. Because as Sri Swami Vishwananda repeats continuously in his message simply described as ‘Just Love’, this is the ultimate goal of life - God's Love.

Testimony - The impact of Sri Swami Vishwananda's ‘Dynamic Darshan’

“It is so nice to come for Darshan. Guruji always smiles at me, like saying that is happy to see me and he always asks me, ‘How are you?’ His smile makes me feel that he is like a good father who knows more about my life than myself and smiles like saying very sweetly, ‘Just wait! Everything is going okay.’ I feel safe.

(...testimony continues after the photos)

Sri Swami Vishwananda cares for each person individually so beautifully, that even after 10-12 hours of Darshan he still gives to each one the same Love and attention as if the person was the first one to receive Darshan.

"Normally after getting Darshan, I go out of the Centre, because I feel like being alone. Yesterday, I experienced something completely new. I could not step out and go away. I had to sit there and then I could experience on the other side what was going on in people after they had received Darshan. I can not really explain but it was very interesting.

"Some of them started crying, some seemed to have been blessed with inner peace, others seemed very happy. One woman started crying but not out of unhappiness. It seemed as if she knew that something had changed for the better. It was a great interesting thing to see, the effect of Darshan on other people. At that moment I felt like I was a part of that. And it was so great! And another thing that touched me deeply, it happened just before Darshan started. It filled me up with love.

"I was standing in the line and saw Dristhi (event organiser) taken an old lady by the hand to Swamiji in the front. And then one man in  a wheelchair was also brought to Swamiji. It felt like being part of a big family. It was great! It felt as if we were One! I felt that nobody in that room was alone. Everyone was together. Everything was so full of peace at that moment.”

- Timo Hördt, Holzhausen, Germany.

An eternal moment of Divine Peace

Bhakti Marga family connected by livestreamed Darshan

The Worldwide Bhakti Marga family was also connected to the Darshan at Shree Peetha Nilaya through the livestreamed available in the Bhakti Marga website. An overwhelming gratitude was showered by devotees rejoicing with the online Darshan in Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, United States of America.

The priceless moments of the Darshan with Sri Swami Vishwananda at Shree Peetha Nilaya were livestreamed through the Bhakti Marga website .

Life experiences with Sri swami Vishwananda

During the Darshans of Sri Swami Vishwananda there is an extraordinary moment when people share their life experiences with him. Among the experiences shared yesterday we have selected the one below:

(Speech translated live by Swami Vishwakurunandhanananda)

“She met Guruji in 1998, in Switzerland. She remembers him coming to her place and she had a dead plant at her home. Guruji bent over and did something to the plant... touch it. After some days the plant became green and started growing big. Then, it started blossoming, first 3 flowers and then 4 and 6, 7 flowers. This happened sixteen years ago. Now, sixteen years have passed but everytime she comes to see Guruji the plant blossoms newly. So now, it is Autumn and normally a plant goes into a winter sleep, but again this time, the moment she decided to come and see Guruji, the plant started to blossom 3, 4 and then 7 flowers.” - T., Switzerland.

Sri Swami Vishwananda had previously revealed to us that “even the angels bow down when God is around. Why do you think that when one realises the unity with the Divine, when one ascends to a high degree of spirituality the law of nature bends to that person? Because God dwells inside, and when God shines through that person, of course, the law of nature bends. The law of nature is governed by the angels and archangels and they all bow down as well.